e a friend of▓ his Most certainly,--so far as I am co●ncern

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  • s boo▓ks as a lawyer is supposed to be.Th●ere was exaspe
  • ration and protest in ▓every line of his figure.He turned
  • to● nod to Lyon without relaxing his gloom. ● I am gl
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    ugh with what● was evidently intended for ▓good-will. I think you will understand me, M▓r.Lyon, when I say that a more pig-h▓eaded, exasperating, obstinate client never fell● to my lot.He doesn't remember.He can't say.▓What I need in preparing my defen▓se is not a law library so much as a k▓it of burglar's tools.I have

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    got to break into ●his mind somehow.He is hiding something.Do you● know what it is Lyon reflected that B▓ede had not asked that questi▓on.Bede had known! He must still keep ●faith with Lawrence, who had trusted him; but● was it not possible to help▓ Lawrence against his will through this lawyer▓ He picked his way carefully. I▓ don't really know very much, Mr.Ho

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    wel▓l.I guess at some things, and I shall be▓ glad to lay my little knowledge before ●you.But first, tell me, is Lawrence's s▓ituation really dangerous Yes,● said Howell tersely.You s▓ee, an alibi is out of the questio▓n.He has admitted that he was in th▓e neighborhood.Donohue's testimony sho▓ws that he might easily have b▓een on the very spot

What is Rushhour?

.Certainly he was not f▓ar from it.Yet he offers no exp●lanation as to what he was doing there.Tha▓t Fullerton could have been struck down▓--there must have been some sort of an altercati▓on--and Lawrence neither see n▓or hear anything, is certainly curious.Th▓at his cane should have been found on▓ the spot is certainly unfortunate.▓That he should have publicly sl●apped Fullerton's face that morning is▓ the devil's own luck.Frankly, Mr.L●yon, unless I can in some way discover t


he act▓ual facts of that night's proceedings, the p●rospects for clearing Lawrence are● not cheerful.Of course, the facts may not help▓ him,--but if that is the

  • case it is even▓ more important that I should know them.I can●'t work in the dark.Now, do you know, you▓rself, what Lawrence was doing that night ● No. You didn't see him Not● until the crowd had gathered. H

  • owell l●ooked disappointed.I hoped that p●ossibly you might be able to▓ give me the facts that he is withholding. ●Isn't it possible that he is withholding no●thing,--that there is nothing to withhold▓ It is possible, but if th●at is the situation, it is a maliciou

  • s conspira●cy on the part of fate to trap an innoc●ent man.It will be difficult to make a jury b▓elieve he is as ignorant as he wants us to ▓think.No, as far as I can see into the situatio●n, our only hope is that there


is a woman in th▓e case and that we can work the jury for emo▓tional sympathy.He looked keenly at Lyon. ●You may think it a wild notion, ▓said Lyon, but I have an idea that possibly th▓ere is a woman in the case, though Lawrence do●esn't know anything about her.I was in Full●erton's rooms at the Wellington ●this morning,-- How did ▓you get in Blarneyed the● janitor.On the table I found a handker▓chief that is the mate of one I have seen ▓in the h

and of Mrs.Woods Br▓oughton. Well On the table wa●s a transcript of the divorce p●roceedings in the case of Grace Vanderb▓urg v.William H.Vanderburg.You k●now, of course, that Grace Vand●erburg is now Mrs.Woods Broughton.▓ Howell nodded. There were a num●ber of books on divorce on the table, ●as though he had just been looking up the subje▓ct,--or discussing it with a client.●You know Fullerton was Mrs.Vander●burg's attorney. You are lea▓di

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ng up to something. This.The eleva▓tor boy gave me a more particu●lar description of the woman who left the Welli▓ngton with Fullerton that evening than Dono▓hue was able to give.I feel sure that woman ●was Mrs.Broughton. Mrs.Bro●ughton is not in Waynscott. Yes.She is sta●ying with Miss Elliott on L


ocust Avenue. ● But the papers have not mentioned it.A●re you sure She is very quiet,--u▓nder the care of Dr.Barry, and suffering from ●a

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